Elgin Mental Health Center

Location: Elgin, IL

The Elgin Mental Health Center has 4) high pressure water-tube type steam boilers in a centralized heating plant, that provide steam to a facility wide heating system and provides steam for the laundry. The original Peabody twin-fire burners have an antiquated burner management system that is very ineffective in terms of fuel/air efficiency; has virtually no control of the over-fire draft, which leads to poor heat transfer; and a lack of adequate combustion by-product dwell time which leads to ineffective and incomplete heat transfer. The net result is a fuel to work efficiency that is almost immeasurable at less than 65%.

Boiler No. 5 is now equipped with a Riello RLS 1200, including the ER Head assembly (48,500 MBH with a 12’ flame length), Variable Speed Drive option and the Siemens LMV-5 Burner Management System with Servo-driven fuel, air and flue damper. The burner has a color touch-screen with expanded annunciation, which will interface with the Phase II Siemens Boiler Control System and provide unison firing. The new Riello burner and burner management system have improved the fuel to work efficiency to the low to mid 80’s, which represents a gain of approximately 17-20%.