Combustion Equipment & Controls

Combustion Equipment & Controls

Quality Combustion Equipment in Illinois

Xcell Mechanical Services was built on the boiler business. We install, maintain and service all kinds of boilers, as well as other types of combustion equipment for Illinois, Indiana, and Missouri. We also offer combustion equipment and service for boilers and processes such as ovens and other fired products. Backed by years of expertise and a commitment to energy savings, Xcell Mechanical Services is here to find the right solution to fit your needs. From combustion equipment installation and maintenance to control modifications and sales, we are proud to be one of the Midwest’s top mechanical services companies. Our experts are well-trained in the field of combustion equipment, controls, boilers and other mechanical services, striving to offer our clients the best service at affordable prices. So, if you need to repair or replace your combustion equipment and controls in Illinois, rely on Xcell Mechanical Services.

As the only service company in the down-state area actingas a manufacturer’s representative for all major system components, you get attention to detail when it comes to all aspects of service and installation. Because we have direct purchase relationships with our manufacturers, we can offer cost-effective services around their products. We have built our reputation on our service and installation of commercial and industrial boilers, as well as all of their related devices and all forms of heating, AC, refrigeration and temperature control systems.

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Comfort and Convenience

Here at Xcell Mechanical Services, your comfort is our top priority. Whether your combustion equipment is acting up and needs a new part or you need to install new controls, we are the ones to call. That’s because we are experts in Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Temperature Control.

Combustion equipment is an umbrella term for any machinery designed to burn a fuel source along with the oxygen inthe air to produce heat and energy. The different types of equipment include boilers, furnaces, turbines, and engines.

Our Combustion and Control Products

Xcell Mechanical Services offers a full spectrum of quality products by trusted manufacturers through ComTech Industrial, including:

  • Burnham Commercial (steel boilers)
  • Thermal Solutions (hot water boilers)
  • Unilux Boilers (water-tube boilers)
  • Riello Burners (forced draft burners)
  • Crown Boilers
  • B.F.S. (Boiler Feed Sets and Deaerators)
  • Patterson Pumps
  • Delta Fabricating
Combustion Equipment and Controls

Also, we have the controls you need to operate your combustion equipment, such as:

  • Relief valves
  • Pressure reducing valves
  • Blow-down valves
  • Flame supervision systems
  • Steam pressure and hot water controls
  • Boiler feed valves
  • P.I.D. loop controllers
  • Pneumatic level controllers

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To learn more about our combustion equipment in Illinois, please contact Xcell Mechanical Services at 309-322-7542 or email us at We are located at 30068 Illinois RT 9 in Mackinaw, IL.