Graham Hospital

Location: Canton, IL

Graham Healthcare had 4) UBW bent-tube steam boilers that produced 70 psi steam in a centralized heating plant, which provided steam to a facility wide heating system, an in-house laundry and for domestic hot water production. The original Peabody Gordon Piatt burners and their maintenance components, are no longer available.

The boilers are only 20 years old, yet they were suffering from flue gas short circuiting and are experiencing a water side fouling from years of hard water exposure. The net result is a very high flue gas exit temperature, a combustion efficiency that is measuring in the low 70’s and a fuel to work efficiency that calculates to almost immeasurable at less than 65%.

The new Burnham boilers are equipped with Riello RS 400 EV duel fuel burners including the Variable Speed Drive option and the Siemens LMV-5 Burner Management System with Servo-driven fuel and air. Each burner has a color touch-screen. The new Burnham/Riello boiler burner package, Siemens burner management system and Cain economizer, are providing a fuel to work efficiency in the mid to upper 80’s, which represents a gain of approximate 20-23%.

Peripheral Systems and/or devices include:

  • BFS Deaerator and Surge Tank
  • Cain Economizers
  • Marlo Water Conditioning with R/O system
  • Siemens Boiler & DA Level control with D/P transmitters

Existing Boilers: 4) 100 HP – UBW
Plant Efficiency: 63.0 – 65.0 %
New Boilers: 2) 350 HP – Burnham
Plant Efficiency: 86.0 – 89.0 %