Illinois Veterans Home

Location: Manteno, IL

The Illinois Veterans Home in Manteno, Illinois, have three Burnham Series 3 hot water scotch style fire-tube boilers. The burners were R-Series Peabody Gordon Piatts that were the original burners, factory mounted to the boiler. The burners were a conventional head design with typical ball & socket linkages that were originally designed and produced going back to the 1950’s.

The problem: The burner manufacturer, Peabody Gordon Piatt, is no longer in business. Certain components and/or systems, are no longer available unless they are found used on the internet, or custom built.

The customer wanted to update the burner package with equipment that would bring the facility into the 21st century with linkage free servo technology, touchscreen display and annunciation, and eliminate the concern over component availability.

The Solution: We replaced 2 of the 3 Peabody Gordon Piatt burners with the new Riello RS 190/EV gas burners, featuring Siemens LMV 3 burner management systems with Riello on-board touchscreen displays, variable speed drive blower packages and Siemens gas trains.

The net result is a more technologically advanced fuel burning system, that provides the best fuel/air ratio control, a better firing rate turndown ratio and a much lower decibel level during normal operation.