Location: Pekin, IL

The YWCA of Pekin, Illinois had a Kewanee low pressure steam boiler that was built in the late 1950’s. The burner was a Gordon Piatt that was retro-fitted to the boiler in the late 1970’s and had been in service since that time. The steam system provided heat to a large portion of the facility through the use of an air handling unit for the pool area and it provided hot water heat for several classrooms through the use of a steam to hot water heat exchanger. Heat for the pool and domestic hot water, were provided by a recently installed Weil Mclean hot water boiler.

The problem: The integrity of the steam boiler was beginning to come into question as the vessels age was catching up with it and the steel of the boiler had been degrading to a point where repair, was no longer feasible.

The Solution: We installed 2 Thermal Solutions hot water boilers, converted the pool area air handling unit from steam to hot water, installed a water to water heat exchanger for the pool heat and reattached to the existing domestic hot water tank with internal exchanger. The Weil Mclean boiler was relocated to the classroom area, where it is now used for the classroom heat.