Boiler Inspection Illinois

Mechanic Conducting a Commercial Boiler Inspection in Illinois

A Fast, Friendly Boiler Inspection in Illinois

When a boiler breaks, it can be hard to know what to do. Do you need to call a technician for maintenance, modifications, or repairs? Or is it time to invest in a whole new installation? At Xcell Mechanical, we’ll be able to answer all these questions and more. Our talented technicians will conduct a quick search that will allow us to pinpoint the problem and provide an affordable solution. When looking for a high-quality boiler inspection in Illinois, Indiana or Missouri, call on Xcell Mechanical.

Who We Are

As a top choice in commercial boiler services, Xcell Mechanical supplies maintenance, modifications, and installations to individuals all across the Midwest. Beyond these offerings, we also pride ourselves in providing several other heating and cooling services, such as furnace, ventilation and refrigeration work. Each installation is backed by only the best names in the industry. And because we care about our clients, all of our products come at a competitive cost.

What We Look For

If this is your first time seeking a boiler inspection in Illinois, you might not know what to expect. At Xcell Mechanical, our team of highly trained technicians will conduct a thorough search and analyze the results to determine the next best steps. Among some of the things our mechanics look for are:

  • Strange Smells – Unpleasant odors such as burning plastic, metal or oil are a sure sign something’s wrong with your boiler. These fumes can be attributed to anything as small as a clogged filter or to something more severe as an electrical fire. As a result, it is essential to schedule an inspection as soon as your boiler starts emitting strange smells.
  • Loud Sounds – Like strong scents, loud sounds can also be caused by malfunctioning machines, so our mechanics listen carefully for clunking, gurgling, and whistling. These noises are usually indicative of an internal issue, which can drastically decrease the item’s productivity. As such, boilers that are not making familiar sounds will require immediate attention.
  • Leaks & Spills – When it comes to boilers, leaks are a bad omen. Not only do they signify a serious issue, but if left untreated, they will also lead to additional complications such as mold, rust and other kinds of irreparable damage. If you notice water pooling under your boiler, it’s time to get it checked out.
  • High Gas Usage – If you’ve recently noticed a significant spike in your heating bill, the chances are that a broken boiler’s the culprit. High gas usage signifies that the equipment isn’t working as it should and is usually due to an issue that a technician can fix.
Mechanic Holding Yellow Hard Hat After a Commercial Boiler Inspection in Illinois

How We Help

After inspecting your boiler for each of the above items, our team will tell whether the equipment needs a minor modification or a major repair. We’ll give you a quote and discuss payment options before putting our team to work. And then we’ll set out to produce the best results in as little time as possible.

Contact Us

Is the state of your boiler suggesting a serious issue? For a high-quality boiler inspection in Illinois, call Xcell Mechanical today. Our number is (309) 359-3084, and we also respond from our email at We operate out of Mackinaw, IL, and proudly extend our services to the surrounding areas.