IL Boiler Repair

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IL Boiler Repair Service When You Need It

The last thing anyone wants to deal with is a malfunctioning or broken boiler. The boiler system for any business is integral to heating your water and keeping your facility a comfortable temperature. So, when your boiler goes out, you’ll immediately notice. Thus, in response to the emergency scenario of a broken boiler, you want fast and efficient IL boiler repair. And, thankfully, the experts at Xcell Mechanical Services are well versed in everything related to boiler repair, maintenance and installation.

Xcell Mechanical Services has supplied the Midwest with exceptional boiler services for numerous years. We only use the highest-rated brands and parts when repairing boilers, burners, combustion equipment and more. Starting with an evaluation of your boiler system, we get to the root of the problem. We only offer the most cost-efficient solutions and work to ensure your boiler system runs at its best.

How You Know Your Boiler Needs Repair

A boiler system is a complicated piece of equipment for any business. Thus, it’s highly advised to leave boiler repair in the hands of experts, so you don’t risk your safety. However, if you are aware of the signs of a boiler system in disarray, you can contact a professional right away.

  • Leaking – If you find water pooling around your boiler, a repair technician should be called ASAP. Several issues may be causing your boiler to leak, such as loose connections or faulty internal parts. If left unchecked for too long, water can cause mold and water damage to your property, and your boiler may break beyond repair.
  • Noises – A boiler isn’t the quietest piece of equipment. However, there’s a difference between the typical sounds it makes and louder, more noticeable sounds. Such audio cues point to signs of a boiler needing repair. Sounds you may hear that are not normal for a boiler system to make include gurgling, clunking and whistling.
  • Smells – Your boiler system should never give off foul odors of any sort. So, if you begin to smell something, it’s important to contact a repair person immediately. Bad smells you may notice consist of burning plastic, metal or oil. Worse yet, if you smell rotten eggs or sulfur, this is an incredibly severe sign of a potential gas leak in your boiler system.
  • Loss of Function – The most obvious sign of a boiler in disarray is a heating system in flux. If it becomes difficult to keep a consistently comfortable temperature throughout your property, this can be a sign of internal issues in your boiler system. For example, individual rooms may become too hot or not heat at all. Or, water may have trouble warming up or cannot consistently stay hot.
A technician performing IL Boiler Repair

Keeping Your Facility Comfortable

Through IL boiler repair, Xcell Mechanical Services creates a comfortable environment throughout your property. Furthermore, we offer other related services so to best address the boiler or HVAC systems you may be having. For example, our technicians can assist with:

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