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A repairman in a boiler room preparing for Boiler Repair in Illinois

The Boiler Repair Illinois Businesses Count On

Nothing is more stressful than your boiler going out during winter. Without control of the air and water temperature of your facility, you, your customers and your employees will take notice. So, when boiler system issues do occur, you need to be calling for boiler repair in Illinois, fast. Thus, Xcell Mechanical Services is on the job. We can give you the service you need, quickly and for an affordable price.

Xcell Mechanical Services is one of the go-to boiler and HVAC repair and maintenance companies throughout the Midwest. Illinois businesses have come to rely on us for our stellar service and high-quality parts. We service all brands of boilers and can determine what the problem with your boiler is, immediately. Furthermore, we take into consideration the needs of our clients and tailor our service to match your schedule and budget.

Stay Ahead of Boiler Repair

If you are aware of the signs of a boiler in need of repair, there’s a good chance you can prevent more significant problems before they occur. However, with the complexity of a boiler system, it’s crucial to have an expert such as Xcell Mechanical Services assist you.

  • Check for Leaks – Your boiler system utilizes both water and gas to heat your property. So, if either part begins to leak from your boiler, you have a problem. Catching a leak right away can prevent water damage mold from appearing. Furthermore, if you smell rotten-eggs or sulfur, turn off your system immediately and call a boiler expert.
  • Odd Odors – Aside from the smell of leaking gas, other odors can occur that point to signs of a boiler in distress. For example, the smell of burning rubber or metal can mean internal parts are broken and need replacing.
  • Uneven Heating – It’s essential to keep a consistent temperature throughout your property. However, a boiler with a broken circulator pump or leaks can lead to uneven heating. Additionally, a boiler that is heating too much or too little can cause havoc to your monthly energy bill.
  • Loud Sounds – The noises a boiler makes should never make you jump. Sounds that are loud or obnoxious can be signs of internal issues for your boiler system. For example, rumbling, clanking, whistling and other abnormal noises are not what your boiler should sound like.
  • Rust & Corrosion – As boiler systems are meant to last for many years, they are made to be resistant to moisture. So, if you notice rust or corrosion around the boiler and its piping, there may be some underlying issues.
A technician inspecting a boiler before Boiler Repair in Illinois

Do More for Your Boiler System

Whether you need boiler repair in Illinois or are looking for maintenance or installation, Xcell Mechanical Services has you covered. Our technicians are some of the best in the industry, offering you incredible services for a price you can afford. For example, we provide:

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Boiler repair in Illinois is a necessity, no matter the time of year. With help fixing your boiler system, give the professionals at Xcell Mechanical Services a call today. You can contact us at 309-322-7542 to request a quote. Also, we are located at 30068 IL Rt 9, Mackinaw, IL 61755.