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Commercial boilers in Illinois can be one of the most challenging pieces of equipment to maintain and repair. Boiler systems contain numerous internal components, have to be designed just right and can be tough to get working again when they break down. Thus, it’s crucial to have a boiler expert by your side when looking to repair, maintain or install a boiler system. And Xcell Mechanical Services is one such company, helping businesses with upkeep for their boiler systems.

Xcell Mechanical Services is one of the go-to boiler service companies in the Midwest. We hand all variety of boiler and burner brands and parts and are always able to match the right ones to your system. Furthermore, our technicians are some of the best in the industry. We can analyze your boiler system and present a solution that not only fixes your boiler but can improve its efficiency. And we can do all this for an affordable price.

The Types of Boilers We Service

From firetube to watertube to electric, Xcell Mechanical Services manages all types of boiler systems. Our knowledge and experience give us the ability to recommend the boilers that can work best for your business.

  • Boilers for Energy-Efficiency – Are you looking to save a little more on your monthly energy bills? If so, you may be interested in a firetube boiler. Through combustion, the firetube boiler creates hot gasses that are stored in tubes. The tubes then transfer the heat they produce to the water in your system, which flows throughout your facility. Firetube boilers are best for smaller buildings and do more to reduce energy usage.
  • Boilers for Large Buildings – If you have a lot of areas to cover with your boiler system, you’ll require a watertube boiler. The watertube boiler works almost opposite of a firetube boiler. Instead of gasses flowing through tubes, water instead takes their place. However, combustion still creates the hot gas which surrounds the tubes and warms up the water. The watertube boiler is designed to handle businesses of a larger size.
  • Boilers for Emissions Reduction – Due to more recent tech innovations, modern boilers can eliminate the process of combustion for the creation of heat. Instead, with electric boilers, electricity is used to heat the interior components of the boiler. In turn, the heat transfers to the water, and your boiler works the same as all others. While some believe electric boilers to be less effective, they produce fewer emissions and possess thermal shock resistivity.
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Your Industry Experts

Xcell Mechanical Services works directly with clients to tailor our service to your boiler needs. Whether it’s a few parts you need replacing, or an entire system installed, we help with precision and ease. Some of the services for commercial boilers in Illinois we offer include:

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Discover what commercial boilers in Illinois are best for your business when you rely on the assistance of professionals from Xcell Mechanical Services. Call us today at 309-322-7542 to request a quote. Also, we are located at 30068 IL Rt 9, Mackinaw, IL 61755.