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New Riello Burners attached to an industrial boiler as a part of commercial heating products in Illinois

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There are few manufactures of boilers and burners that have stood the test of time better than Riello. From humble beginnings in Italy during 1922 to becoming one of the most reliable names in heating throughout Europe and the US, it’s hard to find a better manufacturer of burners than Riello. And, if you live in Illinois, Indiana or Missouri, you’re in luck! Xcell Mechanical Services is a distributor of Riello Burners in Illinois and can set you up with a new burner of your own.

Xcell Mechanical Services provides some of the best heating and cooling products from a range of trusted manufacturers. And, with our experienced and highly trained technicians, we are one of the most reliable companies for servicing your boiler and HVAC systems. Businesses have come to rely on us for thorough system inspections, inventive repair solutions, complete system installations and affordable pricing for all our products.

What are Riello Burners?

The burner is a central component of any boiler. Burners can function differently, but they all have the same purpose in a boiler system. And Riello provides a line of burners that Xcell Mechanical Services can equip your boilers with.

  • The Function of a Burner
    • If you understand water is heated in boilers, you’ll understand that burners provide that heat. While the distribution of heat through the water is different for every boiler, every burner provides the same function. By utilizing the combustion of natural gas or oil, a burner creates the heat and energy used to warm the water in a boiler. The boiler then pushes the water throughout the facility via piping.
  • Forced Draft Burners
    • While Xcell Mechanical Services can supply any of Riello’s burner products, we specialize in the installation and maintenance of Riello’s forced draft burners. A forced draft is when flue gasses are maintained above atmospheric pressure with the help of a forced draft fan. Or, more simply put, forced draft boilers have a higher threshold for heating and greater control of heat distribution.
  • Other Products
    • Aside from Riello’s burners, they offer a variety of other products meant to optimize your heating system best. For example, Riello manufactures burner control panels, heating pumping units, air fans, commercial gas/oil burners and much more. And, if looking for a new boiler or boiler products through Xcell Mechanical Services, you have access to Riello’s entire line of commercial products.
One of many Riello Burners attached to a boiler

Our Other Manufacturers and Services

In addition to Riello Burners, Xcell Mechanical Services is a distributor of products from popular brands such as Burnham, Cain, BFS, Patterson Pumps and more. And, for any of these manufacturers, we can offer our heating and cooling services, including:

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