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Perhaps the last thing you think about, but the first thing you should consider for your business is a commercial boiler. If building your facility from the ground up, a boiler system is certainly a part of the building process. But, if purchasing property with a system already in place, you may not acknowledge it until something goes wrong. However, if you want to be more aware of commercial boilers in IL and how they affect your business, the professionals at Xcell Mechanical Services can help.

Xcell Mechanical Services has the experience and dedication you need when looking to have your boiler system serviced. And, whether it’s a minor repair or a complete replacement, our technicians are equipped to help with your project fast and efficiently. Our company was built on the boiler business, so no one knows how to handle your heating system better than us. Moreover, we offer our services and products at affordable prices and with incredible financing options.

What Does Your Boiler Do?

While most people are familiar with their boilers, there is sometimes a lack of understanding of what a boiler system provides for your facility. By understanding what your boiler does, you can better appreciate how important it is to have your boiler system running at optimal efficiency.

  • Your Boiler – A commercial boiler provides heating for your building through the use of water or steam and electricity or gas. Boilers heat up or turn water into steam by the application of a gas or electric burner. Next, the heated water or steam is circulated throughout your boiler and its attached piping. Pipes are connected throughout your facility to radiators. The radiators then distribute heat to keep your interior at a comfortable temperature.
  • What Efficiency Means – hen describing a commercial boiler as efficient, it can mean two things. The first alludes to its ability to heat your building adequately. Especially during winter, it’s incredibly important for your boiler system to heat your building evenly, so the health of those inside is not compromised. The second is its efficiency when it comes to energy savings. Older boilers may have to work twice as hard to keep up with heating, thus causing your energy bills to spike.
  • What You Can Do – If you believe your boiler isn’t working as it should, there are a multitude of options available to you (all possible with Xcell Mechanical Services). It can start with a boiler inspection, where we determine the state of your boiler, any current or potential problems and what can be done to increase efficiency. Often, repairing or replacing a part can get the job done. However, if you end up needing to put more money into your system than its worth, we can help design and install a new boiler system.
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Commercial boilers in IL is what Xcell Mechanical Services is all about! You can come to us regarding any issue with your heating system. Additionally, we can assist with HVAC systems. Some examples of the products and services we offer are:

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