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Let Our Commercial Heating Contractors in Illinois Prepare You for the Cold

On the cusp of cooler weather? When the temperature turns, you need a reliable system to get you through the season. At Xcell Mechanical Services, we specialize in supplying superior heating solutions to clients all across the Midwest. Our commercial heating contractors in Illinois have proven experience working with boilers, burners, HVAC units, and combustion equipment, so they can quickly diagnose any issue that comes their way. Whether you need a part repaired or replaced, you can count on us to complete the task!

Our Process

No heating issue is too big for us to tackle. We maintain, modify, design, and install systems of all shapes and sizes, approaching each project with only the most careful consideration. When a client contacts us for our services, we evaluate our options and supply an honest estimate. After we’ve fulfilled the request, we’ll offer additional education on the proper preventative measures.

Our Unique Offerings

We build all our commercial heating solutions with the client’s best interest in mind. When we created our company, we put some thought into the prices, products, and services we would provide. As part of our devotion to our customers, we promise fast funding, quality assurance, and hourly assistance.

  • Fast Funding – We wanted to find a way to make our offerings more available to the general public, so we created fast funding options to turn this dream into a reality. When a client seeks a service they are unable to pay in full for, we point them to our finance programs, which allow for smaller individual payments over a larger period of time.
  • Quality Assurance – Every client should have the assurance that their equipment will work as well as they are told. That’s why we back all our products by only the best brands on the market. We supply solutions from companies such as B.F.S., Burnham Boilers, and Patterson Pumps, so customers can walk away, feeling complete confidence in the state of their system.
  • Hourly Assistance – Our commercial heating contractors are on call 24 hours a day to attend to your questions and concerns. This means that when a part breaks unexpectedly, you can count on Xcell Mechanical for a prompt response. Whether it’s early in the morning or late at night, we’ll be there to assist your every need.
Commercial Heating Contractors Looking Over an Industrial Boiler

Those We Serve

Each of these services is available to commercial clients in the Illinois, Indiana, and Missouri areas. Many of the clients we serve fall under one of the following categories:

  • Retail
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Senior Living
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Government Agencies
  • Religious Organizations
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • And Much More!

To see some of the people we’ve partnered with in the past, head over to our projects page.

Contact Us

If your business needs the expertise of our commercial heating contractors in Illinois, give us a call! The best way to reach us is by phone at (309) 359-3084, but we also respond to emails at We are based out of Mackinaw, IL, and happily assist commercial clients in the surrounding states.