Commercial Heating Illinois

Smiling Technicians after Inspecting Client's Commercial Heating in Illinois

Reliable Contractors for Commercial Heating in Illinois

Who do you call when your boiler, furnace, or HVAC system breaks? Call on the help of a contractor for commercial heating in Illinois! At Xcell Mechanical, we are just the company for you! We have several years of experience maintaining, repairing and installing superior heating solutions, so we understand the intricacies of each appliance. When your heating unit is acting out of the ordinary, consult us for a quick inspection!

The Xcell Advantage

We are a company that cares, and as such, we promise to provide our clients with certain advantages other contractors simply can’t offer. These include, but are not limited to, free assessments, fast funding and 24-hour assistance. Availability is important to us, so we do everything we can to ensure each client gets the attention they deserve.

The Systems We Service

At Xcell Mechanical, we support a wide range of devices for commercial heating in Illinois. We currently service boilers, burners, combustion equipment and HVAC systems for several commercial clients.

  • Boilers & Burners
  • Boilers and burners are the main kinds of machines we service at Xcell Mechanical. We maintain these devices for our clients regularly, while also offering repairs and installations as needed. Replacements of any kind are conducted using only the best parts and accessories, such as those from companies like B.F.S., Burnham Boilers and Patterson Pumps. These businesses supply us with superior solutions, which we then offer to our clients at a competitive cost.

  • Combustion Equipment
  • Similar to our boiler and burner services are those we also offer for combustion equipment. Any device that burns heat to produce fuel falls under this category, including furnaces, turbines and engines. If you need a repair or replacement for one of these items, look no further! We are the commercial heating contractors for you.

  • HVAC Systems
  • Another system we frequently service for our clients are their HVAC systems. We install, repair and maintain these machines upon request, examining multiple aspects of the equipment to ensure the greatest efficiency. A quick look at our list of products for this system reveals that we supply various motors, coils, compressors and controls. And that’s just the tip! For a full list of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning products we carry, check out our HVAC page today!

Technician Inspecting Boiler for Commercial Heating in Illinois

Create a Solution that Suits Your Needs

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to optimize your heating system to your specific needs? Well, you’re in luck! Besides the above options, we also work with clients to create and install custom boilers and HVAC units. These devices are designed to fit your facility while operating at only the best efficiency. To get set up with such a system today, contact us for more information.

Let Us Work for You

Give us the chance to become your contractors of choice for commercial heating in Illinois. Contact us today by phone at (309) 359-3084, or by email at We are located out of the Mackinaw, IL area and proudly serve commercial clients like you!