Illinois Boilers

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The Best of Illinois Boilers

A poorly performing boiler will call for a highly trained technician. At Xcell Mechanical, our talented team of mechanics is well-versed in every area of commercial heating equipment. They have several years of experience caring for boilers, combustion equipment, and HVAC systems, and are therefore very skilled at what they do. When seeking services for Illinois Boilers, you can count on us. Our technicians know exactly what to look for in the face of malfunctioning machinery and will be able to recommend a product or service accordingly.

Our Offerings

Whether you require an installation, repair, or modification on Illinois Boilers, the team at Xcell Mechanical is happy to help you out. We pride ourselves on being a business that provides quality care at a competitive cost. And as such, we offer financing options for all those that apply. In addition to our standard repair and replacement services, we also supply peripheral equipment, including, but not limited to, pumps, transfer sets and valves. For a full list of the solutions we offer, head on over to our products page today.

When to Call

Boiler issues aren’t always the easiest to diagnose. Especially to the untrained eye, it can be difficult to tell what’s wrong. When faced with a failing machine, keep an eye out for the following. A boiler that is exhibiting these issues will require immediate attention:

  • Leakage – One bad leak has the potential to cause significant amounts of damage to a product’s exterior. If enough water accumulates, it can lead to rust, mold, and electrical issues that could eventually cause the equipment to break beyond repair. To avoid any unnecessary expenditures, seek assistance immediately. Our mechanics will stop the leak at its source and carefully consider the next best steps.
  • Rust – Rust occurs when wet iron is exposed to oxygen, and is usually a sign of a severe complication. Corrosion of this kind could mean that a foreign substance has entered the object or that the alkalinity levels are too low, both of which will require a trained technician’s help.
  • Smells & Sounds – An unnatural odor is a sure sign something’s wrong with your boiler. Fumes come from mold growth, dirty filters, or burning electrical equipment. Moreover, sounds such as clunking, whirring, and whistling can signify an issue with the item’s interior. When faced with either of these problems, carefully examine the equipment’s exterior for a cause. If the origin isn’t apparent, consult a local contractor ASAP.
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Don’t Delay—Call Today!

The status of your boiler will rely on the swiftness of your response. The longer a boiler issue is left unresolved, the longer the equipment remains vulnerable to additional damage. If your Illinois Boilers are exhibiting any of the above signs, it’s time to seek some help. Call on the team at Xcell Mechanical to service your commercial heating equipment today. We can be reached over the phone at (309) 359-3084, or by email at Our company operates out of Mackinaw, IL, and proudly extend our services to the surrounding areas.