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A boiler room of an industrial complex after Boiler Installation in IL

Trustworthy Boiler Installation in IL

So, your building’s boiler system is old, loud and not nearly as efficient as it used to be. And even after inspections, maintenance and repairs, it still isn’t working as it should. You might not want to take the next necessary step, but it could be time for complete replacement of your boiler system. And while the process can sometimes be extensive (and expensive), it doesn’t have to be! With Xcell Mechanical Services, we offer boiler installation in IL within your timeframe and at an affordable price (with plenty of financing options).

Xcell Mechanical Services knows what it takes to offer you the best in boilers throughout Illinois, Indiana and Missouri. Our team of expert technicians can design a robust and energy-efficient boiler system for your facility. Furthermore, we can offer annual checkups and preventative maintenance well after your new boiler is installed. We understand how big of a decision a new boiler can be, so we work to make it easy for your business.

The Process

There’s plenty that goes into a commercial boiler installation. And, with Xcell Mechanical Services on your side, your new boiler will be set up in no time. The process entails:

  • System Design – Our team will sit down with you to discuss the various options for our boiler and how we will design your system. We’ll learn how big your facility is, the current piping setup for your previous system, what you’re looking to get out of your new boiler and more. Once we have a good idea of what you’re wanting, we get to work designing a system that’s just right for you.
  • Preparation – Before we can hook up your new boiler, we have to make sure the piping already in place can be utilized, or if we need to provide new piping for you. Often, we will have to make adjustments to piping in the main “boiler room” so to fit the new boiler best going in. However, as long as piping throughout your facility is up to date, we won’t have to adjust much more.
  • Installation – Finally comes the time for installation. We transport all the old components of your previous boiler system out with care, and just as carefully bring in the new parts. Next, we set the boiler in place and begin making the necessary hookups. During this time, we also install the burner associated with your new system. When everything is complete, your boiler will be correctly set up to all appropriate piping and ventilation.

All the Service You Could Need

Once your boiler installation in IL is complete, Xcell Mechanical Services can offer a variety of additional services to support your facility’s heating and cooling further. From inspections to maintenance and repairs, you can count on us for:

Different gauges on a new boiler after Boiler Installation in IL

Contact Our Office

When you need boiler installation in IL you can count on, give the experts at Xcell Mechanical Services a call. You can contact us today at 309-359-3084 to request a quote. Also, we are located at 30068 IL-9, Mackinaw, IL 61755.