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Close Up of Machinery after an Industrial Boiler Replacement in Illinois

Get the Results You Require with an Industrial Boiler Replacement in Illinois

Even the best of boilers weren’t made to last forever, and after serving clients for over a couple of decades, they will often require a complete replacement. But how does one know just when a boiler has reached its limit? If you’ve had your equipment for quite some time, then you’ve probably already started seeing some signs. Has your boiler undergone frequent repairs? Or maybe you’ve noticed that the equipment takes longer than usual to work as it once did? If so, then you may need to start searching for a high-quality industrial boiler replacement in Illinois.

At Xcell Mechanical Services, we have maintained, repaired, and reinstalled a wide array of boilers for commercial clients all across Illinois. This audience includes those in the healthcare and hospitality industries as well as owners of churches, courthouses, and correctional facilities. When a boiler from any one of these industries breaks, we work around the clock to come up with the most cost-effective solution.

The Benefits of a New Boiler

When a boiler works the right way, it can have a considerable impact on a company’s operation. Not only does a functioning boiler provide a facility the proper heat, but it also ensures a lower energy consumption and a higher overall rate of production. When debating whether or not to invest in a brand new machine, consider the following ways in which an industrial boiler replacement in Illinois can benefit your business:

  • Better Heat Generation -The primary role of a commercial boiler is to provide sufficient heat to a company’s water and air supply. A boiler that isn’t operating as it should will likely affect the temperature of these elements. Such a change serves as a threat to an individual’s comfort and health. Since several businesses rely on hot water for sanitation purposes, it is crucial they require only the best boiler equipment.
  • Lower Energy Consumption – Machines age, much like people do. As a piece of equipment gets older, it takes more and more energy to operate at a constant capacity. A new boiler will fix this issue, decreasing electrical consumption by a considerable amount, while keeping incoming electrical bills at an all-time low.
  • Higher Overall Production – Many companies rely on boilers for power generation and materials processing. So when a machine encounters errors of any kind, it can significantly stall a business’s production. If your appliances are taking longer than usual to power up, or the manufacturing process seems super slow, consider investing in a brand new boiler.
Basement after Industrial Boiler Replacement in Illinois

Superior Heating Solutions

At Xcell Mechanical Services, our experts promise all these benefits and more. We stand by each product we sell, partnering with only the best providers to deliver the most reliable results. Some of the brands we work with are:

  • Unilux Boilers
  • Riello Burners
  • B.F.S. Industries
  • Delta Fabricating
  • Thermal Solutions
  • Crown Boiler Company
  • Patterson Pump Company
  • Burnham Commercial Boilers

To learn more about the products we serve, contact us today.

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When you need a reliable industrial boiler replacement in Illinois, call on the team at Xcell Mechanical. Reach us by phone at (309) 359-3084. We also respond to inquiries at Our company operates out of Mackinaw, IL where we proudly offer our services to the surrounding areas.